Love Thou Damned

by Kathedral



Written and performed in one night, just now. After messing with scrap about an hour after writing the lyrics, recorded in one take as a song, letting whatever come through. Being as such, there are things I hear I wish I had done slightly differently.
Raw and mostly unplugged. I still did use VSTi. That is my fountain in my room dripping in the background, too.


Lilies all along the headstones
Red and white as soul rebirth
Fallen stars and fleeting gazes
Nights we met 'tween days colliding

Filling jars of candlelight
Golden rules broke - flood horizons
Sending waves throughout the grain
Mystic fire, you call me deeper

Riding souls to sweeter days

Orchid skulls along a breeze
Another time and far off space
Reservoirs of old ones return
Filling stars to descending mazes
Nights we met 'tween suns in hiding

Sitting by the rustic hearth
All the ways blend with the landscape
Golden daybreak pain's salvation
Dissolve & beckon
Calls & stirs

Petals dried across the lake
Tales of mean's rebirth to come
To gather by the headstones all
Ye who once wandered
Here ne'er lost


released February 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Kathedral Georgia

Kathedral is open wide sonic plains with minimal organic percussion. Tracks are often at these long lengths to create fully immersive epic worlds, which are very useful during those times you want shifting epic atmospheres & soundscapes unbroken by extra activity distracting.

May the winds be ever at your back, the moonlight on your face, as you soar like eagles to forever rejoin the stars.
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