Om Mani Padme Hum

by Kathedral



The original chanting itself was changed significantly and remastered to offer a different approach, setting, and ambiance. I wanted to interact with and bring in the elements without compromising it.
I opened up audio chambers to have the sound all around the listener, and headphones will give the best experience. It really was envisioned as traveling 8 paths each direction from a center. You might choose to listen to it in a way that you embody the sound as such, along with the environment given. Any temple becomes the deep heart of the earth, as it had been originally, so a return is made available. One that isn't at the expense of all that made no longer the self, so rather than resisted, the notion is no longer getting away from, but remembering the fullness into.

Every syllable is more accessible as well as the whole thing brought to a more primitive dimensional field. A self not so effected by the ravages of notions of progress that is littered with linear ideal 'straight & narrow' paths to heavens. Which, I define as just being other times of slightly advanced notions about progress; another evolutionary possibility space. Here, we see the shamanic origin as never having begun divergence of any evolution, but all paths that may ever be or will become in unison of the entire being.
No contradiction of a theory of devolving can then apprehend what seeks to attain in ideal evolutionary changes.


released February 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Kathedral Georgia

Kathedral is open wide sonic plains with minimal organic percussion. Tracks are often at these long lengths to create fully immersive epic worlds, which are very useful during those times you want shifting epic atmospheres & soundscapes unbroken by extra activity distracting.

May the winds be ever at your back, the moonlight on your face, as you soar like eagles to forever rejoin the stars.
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